Stan Becomes A Man

Working in Washington, D.C. has been an incredible experience. I’ve met many great people and have learned so much. Overall, the trip has been very humbling. It was interesting to see how people interact with each other in this city. People act very friendly but I can tell there is a huge sense of competition.

According to Robert Frost’s poem, “Two Tramps in Mud Time” two men come to apparently attempt to take his job as a lumberjack. Robert Frost wrote, “I knew pretty well why he had dropped behind. And let the other go on a way. I knew pretty well what he had in mind: He wanted to take my job for pay.”

This seems familiar with D.C. culture. Many people, especially on the hill, are seeking power. Many people constantly want to move up the ranks regardless of morality. While I’m not implying this is a majority of people in D.C., there is a disconnect between intent for public service and personal gain. This is something that I have been personally conflicted with as I question is this an area that I want to pursue a career in or if this town would just serve as a stepping stone for me in terms of personal growth.

I had a great experience working at the Northeast-Midwest Institute and I believe they do great work for the community and for the environment. For other companies this varies. I remember my uncle telling me a story when I was younger about one of his former jobs. He worked at a charity where he eventually got onto the board. After attending a few of the banquets, he began to question how much of the money was actually going to charity. Upon finding out that much of the money was being pocketed, he quit the job.

Relating to Robert Frost’s poem, I want a career that encompasses my values and morals. Wherever I may end up, I want to enjoy my job and work hard at it. I’m thankful for all D.C. has taught me, and I look forward to my future endeavors.



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